APC can create a budget model and strategy plan with P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Forecast to suit your company's specific requirements.

Many thanks again, Alan, for your valuable efforts on the figures for next year for use at a meeting of the directors tomorrow. This will be very helpful indeed.

As a part of best practice, all organisations should produce some form of document which shows, in financial terms, how they expect to perform between the present time and a defined point in time in the future.  The level of complexity is entirely dependent on the requirements of those who have an interest in the projections and the resultant figures.

Those who would expect to have an interest in budgets might include Owners, Directors, Managers, Bankers, Prospective Investors and any other interested parties.

Calculations would be based on the information provided by the organisation and all staff with responsibilities would be encouraged to play a part in the construction of a budget.

APC can design and produce budgets for most types of companies and organisations.  These would be designed, in the same way as the management accounts, to suit the specific requirements of that company or organisation.  In addition, APC provides full training in the use of the budget model.

Further Information

Financial Budgets

The financial budgets which an organisation produces are essentially the result of utilising the combined best estimates that the owners, managers, and responsible officers of the organisation can calculate or obtain from information currently available.  This information is inputted into the budget workings and, utilising the extensive experience of APC, regurgitated into the published budget.  Budgets are normally produced for a 12 month period covering the organisation’s financial year.

The budgets produced by APC are presented in the same format as the management accounts.  This facilitates the ongoing comparison with the actual financial performance and enables managers and responsible officials, as stewards of the organisation’s assets, to identify trends and make decisions, for the good of the organisation and its employees, with the benefit of accurate financial information.

The budgets are presented both in total for the period covered and also analysed by months or accounting periods.

As with the management accounts, the budgets contain three main components

  1. The Balance Sheet
    The Balance Sheet shows the projected movement in the values of all the assets and liabilities on a period by period basis.  The model provide by APC works on the basis of calculating, using assumptions made by the organisation, for each line of the balance sheet with the exception of the bank balance.  This figure is calculated as being the difference between all the other balances added together.

  2. The Profit and Loss Account
    The Profit and Loss Account in the model provided by APC shows the projected profit (or loss) to be derived from the sales and associated costs both monthly and in total for the period covered.  The workings which produce the sales and costs are a reflection of the estimates, assumptions and knowledge of responsible officials of the organisation coupled with the expertise of APC.

  3. Cash Flow Forecast
    The Cash Flow Forecast is an analysis of the movement in the balance sheet items as they affect the net cash/bank balance.  This once again is shown on a monthly and annual basis.
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