APC can create a budget model and strategy plan with P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Forecast to suit your companys specific requirements.

It is no exaggeration to say that, without the financial advice and the production of accounts, balance sheet and budgets for presentation to the bank, the existing loan would not have been restructured and the company would not have survived.

It is essential that, as part of the management information system of a company, management accounts are produced regularly, accurately and promptly so that owners and managers can make decisions with the benefit of reliable financial information presented to them in a format which is as easily read by those managers to whom finance is not their first discipline as to those who have had financial training.

APC is able to design and introduce a management accounts format which complies with the specific requirements of any company. In addition, procedures can be set up to ensure that the reports contain the most accurate information available and that they are published within the timescale required by the company. These procedures can be fully documented to comply with ISO9000.

Financial Reports
The financial reports which a company produce illustrate to management the financial position which the company is in at a particular point in time. They also demonstrate to the managers how the company has arrived at that position and provide a comparison with the budget as included the current Business Plan of the company. They are the tools by which a company controls its finances.

There are three major financial reports which should be produced and used by the company for financial management. These are:



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